Friday, November 16, 2012

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Joseph The Engineer

Hello! And welcome to my lair! :D

Here is Natasha who will welcome you. Teehee.

Prayer.Oh! Natasha led it btw :P

Tien Kit, who led us to a game of ice breakers

First game, we had to act out to three things he stated

Next game we played was; King, Queen and Jack

After ice breakers, Sam led us to a time of worship.
We sang a new song that evening :)
Go - Hillsong United

- JYR! It's this November kids! :P 
- AYC! This December, we're going further down this year. All the way to Selangor.
Our Theme, INcrease.
- INcrease 0.5. This will be a Theme Night specially for the upcoming AYC.
Visit our Facebook page for more info.

We had Joseph Lam to share the word of God.
Jesus is the Lover of Our Lives
If you love Him, He will bring in the love of your life
1st Timothy 1 : 12 - 16.

Joseph then shared a life testimony about himself.

Don't waste your time. You will never know what will happen.

You cannot cheat God. Words don't move Him.
If you are willing, God is willing.

God's love is nothing of this world.
God always hear's your cries, He knows your sufferings

Every human being is broken. Until the Holy Spirit comes into us.
Nothing is hidden from God. We are transparent

But God accepts the ugliness in us, the brokenness in us.
God is not lazy, He is waiting for us.
Luke 15
Don't live as if there is no tomorrow. 
#SaynotoYOLO. Haha.

The Devil accuses us DAY & NIGHT.

But God doesn't condemn those who repent.

Well, that raps us what happened last week :)
We then went for Tomyam for supper!!

See you this Saturday for Theme Night!!

Never assume, Always Suspect. |

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Next Question Please?

Helloo,..and welcome back to take a look of what happen in fireBRANDS last Saturday.
As usual, we had prayer led by Stephanie. We prayed for the worship team, speaker of the night and for JYR plus AYC.
Stephanie leading us in prayer

Next, we had a simple ice breaker led by our very own Joshua Tan.* accompanied by Lester, Isaac and Brian* The name is called "The Squirrel Game"  But before the game starts, lets do some warm up first shall we?
Joshua giving the instructions..
For warm up, we were required to be in a group containing certain amount of people based on the number given. For example : Nine in a group, three in a group
Sharon: We have eight already!
After that, back to " The Squirrel Game"
All of us are required to take up a role. Either a squirrel or a tree.
The squirrel must be under the connected trees

Something like that :)
But that doesn't finish the game..The game goes on.
If Joshua shouts fire :  Everyone ( squirrels and trees) must find another partner or home..
But if he shouts hunter, then only the squirrel itself must find a new home.

Sharon: I need a tree here

Leroy : Where's my house?

After ice breaker, its time for worship.Worship was led by Faith and her team..
We worship in spirit and in truth.

And before inviting the speaker of the night, we had Sharon to perform a song for us.
Sharon playing the piano while singing
And now its time for the speaker or should I say speakers of the night to answer our curiosity we have all along. What more can it be? Its FORUM TIME!

1.  Being a Christian in a non-Christian family household can be difficult but it can also be beneficial for your personal walk with God. How does one live with non-Christian parents/ family?
- Rely on the Holy spirit. Holy Spirit is the key. Surrender it all to God..How do we have the power of the Holy Spirit?
a) Draw close to God
b) Be baptised by the Holy Spirit
c) The spirit of God
2. What are your opinions on tattoos and piercings?
-Why must we put that on ourselves when God has already made us perfect? Furthermore, it harmful for health. Appreciate what God has given you.
3. How do I cope when everything such as work,studies and family seem to go wrong?
-God will guide us.God will give us His will and understanding.
4. Are all Christians going to heaven
Yes, but we need to repent before God first. We also need to believe god is God and to believe His words.
5. What do you think about clubbing and drinking.
Clubbing is wrong for we are actually exposing ourselves to the worldly people. And by that we tend to fall into temptations. The "I am a Christian" tag we are wearing will slowly fade away as we continue to get distracted by worldly desires.Drinking is fine. But drinking till you are drunk is against the word of God. Drink moderately..not off the limit

And by this, we also conclude youth service with all our questions answered.
Stay tuned for more exciting post coming your way..
Byeee :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The perfect example

Hey everybody!
Welcome to the Firebrands blog!! I know its been a while since anything was posted here that the editor even tasked me to sweep off the cobwebs here and there *tsk*

So, with super ninja speed, here goes the post on what's up (besides the ceiling, if you have a lame-joke mindset) last two weeks! (minus the cobwebs)

Prayer was focused primarily on those taking their exams that night 
-PMR was one of them.

What happened after prayer was a short break, dedicated to those who had do go. To the loo I mean.
Or rather, a short fellowship time.

So after drumming her fingers impatiently for some time, Eulene had had enough. 
Its peanut butter jelly ICEBREAKER TIME!! 
Well, its simple. A piece of cloth as the only apparatus, and a everyone as the subjects. A person (or two) is sent to be behind the cloth from each side. Then BOOM, the cloth drops and the first one to shout out the name/age/chinese name wins a point for their side..
What the subjects see.
What the camera sees.
What (or rather, who) the subjects see after the cloth is dropped.

Smile and wave. Smile and wave 

And of course, we have a newcomer with us, Charmaine!! (Jin Ji's friend)

So once again, its been a while since fireBrands went back to basics. And once in a while, it is good to just be quiet and just... go back to basics :) Worship led by Leroy and James.

Before we move on to the sermon, here's a quiz (Nope, its not posted on Facebook, so stay where you are!)
-It is on 17th all the way to the 21st December.
-It isn't in plain old Penang.
-It is nothing but God, fun, and distraction-free.
Alright, it is happening in under TWO months' time and it is themed "INCREASE". Yes, time passes very fast, so get ready for it! Forms will be available and will be distributed soon xD

Next up, we have this man of God taking the next session.
Who is he?
In case you don't know, he's Lim Jin Ji! *cheers*

So here's how it started. 
Martin Luther King. Jr.
-Fought for rights of black people.

Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)
-Fought for rights of black people.

They have many things in common. They fought for the same cause. They were from the same era. They even met each other once. Their names even share the same first alphabet.
But in their fight for the same cause, Martin Luther King used peace and follows Godly ways. Malcolm X, unfortunately, used violence to get his point across.

Here's the irony. We can fight for the same cause, but there are many ways to fight for it, such as the case of these two men. Like in football. We can get the ball to be in the goal and score for our team, but that doesn't mean only kicking it toward the goal. 

Let's go back in time to when Jesus gave the Great Commission. 

Now, how are we to be an irresistible influence to a layman? Or in other words, how are we to show the world?
The answer lies here (keep scrolling down)

He was the FIRST missionary in this world. Look to Him as a perfect example.

- Here's a not-so-fun fact. No one deserves to be saved. No one deserves to be in heaven. None. 
- Here's another fact. Jesus died that we may get a spot up there. 
Take time to digest these two facts before moving on.

Moving on
Love is described as something that knows no boundaries.
-Jesus loved those who were loved, those who were hated, those who oppressed, those who were oppressed, EVERYONE! (Even self declared foreveralones)
From Mark 2:15, it said that Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners. (Tax collectors were the hated people then). Would you dine; let alone talk with the one that people hate on or would you hate them too?

For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you - Luke 6:38

Love knows no boundaries, so do not measure your love toward anyone as it has been mentioned in the verse above. Love everyone unconditionally, as Jesus has done. It may be difficult, but everything pleasing in the eyes of God is worth trying. 

- Jesus knew and understood the Father's will.
- Jesus used logic with His understanding of it.

I know, sometimes, the acts of faith may seem illogical to anyone, but God doesn't just do things like *poof*. He uses logic as well that others may understand. 

Understanding a topic means to be able to analyse and know well about it. Its not just memorizing. You don't memorize answers to a question, but rather, understand a concept that you may answer it. Similarly, we have to understand God's will for us, and not just 'memorise'.
When we have a passion for something, we would want to know more about it. Let grow the passion for God so that we are able to thirst for what He wants us to know. 

-While it is often said that faith is not seeing but still believing, there is another operational definition for it.
-Encouraging. Yep. That's what it is. 
In times of trouble, it is God that will intervene to pick you up whether you know it or not. God isn't gonna come in a bright light with angels' trumpets playing majestically. He could. But He usually sends a good friend for us to help out. For that, we have got to have faith in people (Not all, but at least some faith in them). A team stands because each member trusts each other. 
-Jesus had faith and believed even when no one else did. Time to refresh your memory. He calmed the storm in the sea calmly when everyone was panicking. We are constantly reminded to be Christ-like, so lets not be afraid and be the light to help others calm their storms. 

Another thing about faith is that it is better than being wise. 
Relate to this : you have someone you look up to in your field of work/ study/ etc.. Chances are, you're bound to listen to that person more than anyone else right? 
What if what the person says/ does is not of God's will? Will you listen to the still small voice screaming in you or to the person in front of you? Seek God's will. Not man's. God asks you to jump, you ask how high.

-Jesus devoted time not only to the Father, but also to people (His disciples, strangers, etc)
- Here's another question. If you love someone, will you not devote time for them?
If we love God, will we not devote time for Him? Take this example. If you love someone, but that person ignores you, how would you feel? That heartbreaking feeling is what God feels when we do not devote time for Him. 
Spend some to impact someone's lives. The word "impact" may sound like a big thing to do, but its actually the effects of your actions. A simple helping hand may change a person's life and you might not know it. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

I Want It Printed Black & White !

Saturday-6th October 2012

Recently here in FGA Centre,fireBRANDS  had once again succeeded
 making youth service interesting yet exciting.

So as usual, youth service started with pre-service led by Brian Bian Paul.

Prayer points are :-
Worship team
Speaker for the night
All PMR,SPM and STPM candidates
All of us praying for those who are sitting for exams.

After prayer,.. TOILET BREAK..*flushes*


        And to also give a warm welcoming to Uncle Heok Hooi.

After that, its ice breaker time! *cheers* 
Ice breaker was led by our very own Vanessa Khoo.

Game 1. The Shoe Game
-Everyone is required to take out both their  shoes and place them in front
-* Shoes mixed and jumbled all up*
- Then, each person will take two different shoe each.
- What are you waiting for?? Go find the owner of the shoe!
:O  I spot Convas..
" Shoe Sale!  Shoe Sale!"
" Found you! "
For the second round.." On your marks,get set..oh nevermind.."
" Hmm.. that shoe looks familiar.."

Game 2. One Fact, Two Lies  + ' The Ritarded Phone'
-The phone will be passed down as someone volunteers to sing.
- If the person stops singing,the one holding the phone must create two lies about him/herself and tell a fact.
- Others get to guess which one is the fact.
..Nick singing :)..

Justin : " What song??"
After ice breaker, its time for worship. Eulene and her team led us into God's presence. We worship in spirit and in truth as we sing praises to Him.

..and some time to pray for one another..

Then, we had a couple of good news. One of them was Benjamin Yeoh was announced to be the new council member. All of us laid hands on him as we prayed as one.
Next, we also had James Bond  Uncle Heok Hooi to share the word of God :)
So.. what did Uncle Heok Hooi shared??

Anointed Gifts

- 1 Samuel ( 16:13)
Then Samuel took the horn of oil,and anointed him in the presence of his brothers;and the spirit of the Lord came mightyly upon David from that day forward. Samuel then set out and went to Ramah

-What we want is not just gifts, but anointed gifts from God

-We must be anointed by God

-God doesn't look at one on the outside, but in the inside

-What ever gifts God has blessed us with, use it well and do it now

- We must win some small battles in life in order to win big battles

-We see different things in the eyes of God

-If God gave you this talent, use it. Do not try to be someone else.

Appreciate what God has given you

-So into whose hands do you surrender your gifts?

- There is a power that set captives free

- That's the same power that heals the blind

-Don't be simply satisfied by small success, but go for total victory.

-Any struggles in our life shall vanish and have total victory

-Each time when you are blunted in your life, go back to Him, don't run away

- He'll always be there arms open wide :)


So that also ends youth service :) Stay tuned for more of them coming soon!

Irresistible Influence